Experiences of STAR: Healthcare
Learn what STAR is really about. Hear how real managers and employees experienced an implementation of STAR in a health care setting.

A Better Way to Work: Findings from a pilot study
If you give employees more flexibility and listen to their concerns you will have happier employees, but you can also improve their health. Those are the findings of a Network pilot study conducted in a mid-west grocery store chain. Learn more by watching this video.
Dried Blood Spot Collection -

Dried Blood Spot Collection of Health Biomarkers to Maximize Participation in Population Studies

Biomarkers are directly-measured biological indicators of disease or health. In population and social sciences, biomarkers need to be easy to obtain, transport, and analyze. Dried Blood Spot (DBS) collection meets this need, can be collected in the field with high response rates and analyzed for a variety of biomarkers.