Toolkits to Achieve Workplace Change

STAR (Support.Transform.Achieve.Results.) is an innovative process for creating a work culture that helps to promote the health and well-being of employees and their families while benefiting business. The STAR materials (toolkits) used in the WFHN study — the most comprehensive evaluation of a work-family intervention undertaken to date — are available here for free download.  These materials help workplace teams find ways to reduce work-family conflict and increase productivity by decreasing unnecessary work and increasing everyone’s control over their time. These toolkits, one set designed for Office teams, the other designed for Health Care teams, include:

A guide to face-to-face sessions with role-playing exercises to redesign work.
Materials and scripts for employee activities that reinforce these sessions.
Training for supervisors in how to support family and personal life as well as performance.
A tracking iPod app that supervisors can use to record their own family-supportive behaviors.

Read what some managers and some employees have to say about about their experiences with the STAR program.

Background Information on the WFHN Intervention Study:

The Work, Family & Health Network is an interdisciplinary team of researchers brought together to advance the field of workplace interventions with the goal of improving the health of workers and their families while benefiting businesses. These researchers embarked upon the most comprehensive evaluation of a work-family intervention undertaken to date which focused on two elements of workplace change:

  • family supportive supervisory behaviors
  • employees having more control over when and where they work

Pilot work found that workers supervised by family-supportive managers were significantly more likely to experience:

  • lower levels of work-family conflict
  • higher job satisfaction
  • lower intention to change jobs
  • higher reports of physical and mental health...learn more in these videos.

Choose from these two sets of workplace change toolkits...

Mostly salaried, remote work possible, and flexible hours Mostly hourly employees, customer interaction, and structured shifts