Employee Experiences

Here's what some employees who went through STAR:Office and STAR:Health Care had to say about it.

“It gives us more latitude or more control of our life, work life in particular.”  Abbey


“I have all the same work, I have all the same responsibilities, but it allows me a lot more freedom on how it gets done, which makes all the pieces of my life work better together… I spend my time either working or being with my family, or doing something for me. And it’s not just about driving; it’s just how I get to schedule things. Even if I come into the office, I don’t come in at rush hour because I’m not expected to be here at a certain time and until a certain time. So, the fact that I can shift all those things around makes life just way easier.” JoAnne


“I get a lot more work done more efficiently. The time that I spend working is truly focused on work that can be measured.” Will


“Changing my schedule meant so much to me for personal reasons.” Sue


“It comes down to people taking ownership of what they need to get done, not expecting a manager to do it.” Jeffrey